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Sodexo Motivation Solutions

Sodexo Service Vouchers and Cards is changing its name and becomes Sodexo Motivation Solutions. It gives us an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to you as well as our ambition to contribute to motivating your employees and create even more value for your organization.

Sodexo really does believe that quality of life and motivation are key levers of performance. Sodexo is therefore reinforcing the reliability of its offer with its core business as well as evolutions in the expectations of its markets.


MotivationSolutions238x254Do you want to attract the best people and enhance their loyalty? Do they want to improve their well-being and buying power?
We offer you Meal & Food Pass!
Do you believe that clarifying objectives and rewarding performance are crucial ways of boosting your results?
We offer you Premium Pass as practical and effective tool for achieving your objectives and allowing you to mobilize your teams or partners towards achieving the targeted objectives, encourage their efforts and recognize their performance.
Are you on the look-out for a reward solution that can be customized to fit your marketing programs?
We give you the Gift Pass where you can design your own offer that is most relevant to your project.

Sodexo is proposing a comprehensive and integrated offer.

Operating in 80 countries, the Group’s 380,000 colleagues are creating and delivering a unique range of Motivation Solutions and On-Site Service Solutions which improve the Quality of Daily Life.
Sodexo’s two activities allow it to satisfy 50 million people every day. This offer is unique in the world and makes Sodexo the strategic partner of companies and organizations seeking economic performance and the well-being of their employees.