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Meal and Food Pass

A practical, efficient and legal tax-free solution without the administrative headache.

Meal & Food Pass

Accepted in supermarkets, groceries, major food establishments and leading fast food chains, the Meal and Food Pass is your employees' Meal and Food ticket, without the administrative headache. It is a practical, efficient and legal tax-free solution you can give your employees as part of their benefits.


Guarantee employee satisfaction with the Meal and Food Pass:


Meal and Food Pass

Universality:  The Meal and Food Pass is the most widely-accepted food voucher in the country today with over 2,500 merchants nationwide.

Flexibility:  Denomination is available from as low as P50 and as high as P1,500, customized according to your requirements.

Branding Mileage:   Place your special message, company logo or your President's signature on the face of the voucher, a special feature only from Sodexo.

Convenience:   Join the leading multinational and local companies as they enjoy hassle-free and easy to administer employee benefits solution. Giving Meal and Food Pass to your employees eliminates the need for receipt collection, issuance of cash advances and liquidation of expenses.

Tax Advantage:  With Meal and Food Pass, increase your employees' take home pay and allow more cash for savings and other obligations.


 The Meal and Food Pass is popularly and often given to employees as :

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Daily Meal Allowances                           

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Christmas Baskets                               

        pink square

Overtime Meal Benefit

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Gift Baskets

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Grocery Allowance

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Training Allowance

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Rice Subsidy

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Other Similar Benefits

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