Sodexo was one of the first businesses in the world in 1966 to put a social component at the centre of our goal. Why? Because we always wanted our progress to make an impression. For our customers and vendors that are looking to build connections based on common values. For the benefit of our stockholders, who seek steady, long-term growth. And for the countless numbers of people, we assist those who count on us to make a difference every day.

Better Tomorrow 2025

Sodexo Philippines conducts business in a way that offers clear evidence of corporate responsibility in our decisions and practices, which is reinforced by the knowledge of our partners along with upholding our commitments.

Growing responsibly to us means developing and monitoring improvements that will make our operations safer, healthier, and more ecologically friendly. It's about enhancing how we treat our staff, the food and services we offer, and how we conduct ourselves as a business. Our programmes are focused on increasing awareness among our customers, clients, and staff. As a consequence, each person, local communities, and the environment gain from them, as well as the quality of life of everyone involved. 

Stop Hunger: We implement Servathon annually in support of this mission  in collaboration with NGOs like World Food Program, Virlanie Foundation, Rise Against Hunger Philippines to help meet the urgent needs of people. We continue to encourage volunteerism amongst employees, partners, clients to help empower women and communities.

SoTogether: This program takes initiatives where women in the leadership role have the opportunity to Coach, Mentor, Inspire, Influence. 

SheWorks: It is an initiative to empower women from local communities to open-up to new jobs and career opportunities. In the Philippines, female candidates are trained for 6 months in order to provide them with a full time job. This initiative is in partnership with Life Project for Youth (LP4Y).  Link: LP4Y - Life Project Centres - Philippines

WasteWatch: Powered by LeanPath, it is a global food fast prevention program. It promotes responsible consumption and production. Reducing food waste has been identified as a critical strategy for creating a sustainable food future on a global scale. Achieving this will improve energy and resource management and prevent pollution caused by the production, distribution, and sale of food. 

Food Program: With the help of this program, we encourage consumers to access healthy lifestyle choices. As we take care of our physical health, we feel better overall—more fit, at ease, and capable of handling situations. This is crucial to keep your mental state in place. This is the reason why in the year of 2022, 30% of food solutions are ready to offer a plant-based menu. 

Sustainability: We believe and promote local development, fair, inclusive and sustainable business practices. One of the major objectives of this is to increase the number of women vendors in the market. 

Environmental Responsibility: We make sure that 100% of our employees are trained on sustainable practices. We work with a vision of reducing the use of plastic, serving sustainable seafood and responsible use of palm oil.