We have made a commitment towards adopting a zero harm philosophy as we believe accidents must be avoided. Health and safety should be incorporated into all aspects of business operations, including hiring new employees, purchasing goods and services, and managing operations. There are numerous ways by which we can accomplish this:

Toolbox Talks

  • We include safety in our teams' regular talks. There are learning moments everywhere because we emphasize safety at the beginning of every single workplace meeting or gathering.
  • We spend time and money learning about the risks and hazards we face at work, and we focus our resources on reducing the largest ones first. We are always looking for ways to improve health and safety. As we move around the floor, we take the opportunity to discuss ways to increase health and safety in the workplace. We make a commitment to enhancing our safety performance over time, which calls on everyone to play their part in a coordinated improvement plan.
  • We are aware that behavior needs to be taught, assessed, supported, and communicated. Behaviors are contagious and have the power to strengthen or weaken an organization as a whole.
  • We honor and reward excellent performance in terms of health and safety. Each employee is required to read, understand, and sign their written health and safety duties because we hold ourselves accountable. Being safe is a key component of our purpose, and we genuinely care about people's wellbeing.