Experience and expertise: Maintaining healthcare equipment

Published on : 5/10/22
  • With the current context emphasising the importance of health and hygiene, the women and men who work on keeping medical equipment in tip-top shape, ensuring accurate diagnoses and preventing contamination are unsung heroes! Let’s hear from a couple of them to understand more what they do!

    Ted Lucero from Sodexo Philippines has been part of the Sodexo family for over 5 years. 

    Today, he’s a Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Contract Manager with the team, supporting our clients at hospitals with the entire lifecycle maintenance of medical equipment. Ted’s highly experienced, having worked 20 years in the biomedical industry. 

    He loves working in the HTM field, he says, knowing that what he and his fellow team members do have an impact in effective patient care.

    On a daily basis, Ted works with our teams and clients to ensure that maintenance programmes and processes are effectively implemented and comply with all regulatory requirements. He also works with the client end users and OEM providers to ensure that the equipment is properly used and maintained. 

    A client-oriented team member, Ted also tries develop improvement initiatives to ensure better outcomes for clients, patients and his fellow team members. These include different learning and training opportunities to improve the knowledge and skills. 

    “We will continue to learn and adapt to ever evolving HTM developments and initiatives especially during this pandemic!”


    Armando Dalut, a biomedical equipment technician (BMET), is based at one of the largest hospitals in Manila. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he’s a specialist in maintaining equipment used in open-heart surgeries such as heart-lung machines and life support machines such as ventilators! 

    Given his experience, he has also conducted training sessions to share his learning and knowledge as well. However, with constant innovations and changes in the field, he also strives to upgrade himself by attending training sessions as well.

    “I am always looking forward to catch up with the progress and upgrade of medical equipment technology,” he shares.

    First Published on Sodexo Singapore Website. 

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