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A culinary career?

Love food? Turn your passion into a career. You could be working with some outstanding culinary talent. Or maybe you’d prefer to be outside the kitchen? We offer plenty of other tasty career options – from food service assistance to marketing.

Food Services

Expert in facilities?

You’re the go-to person. The one who answers the questions, with the know-how to keep facilities running like clockwork. Cleaning, grounds maintenance, reception, they all work seamlessly under your watch. If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

Facilities Management

Love working with people?

Managing a university or a remote oil platform takes a very special individual. Someone who makes employees feel valued. Who inspires each worker to bring his or her best self to the job. If you're up for this challenge, please get in touch.

Looking for a professional path?

Imagine finding the most incredible source of professional services openings. Where there are opportunities whatever your level of expertise. And career paths range from sales to digital, marketing to buying, to HR training. It’s all right here at Sodexo.

Professional Opportunities


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