Cherry Rose V. Gallardo

Published on : 2/14/23
  • Cherry Rose V. Gallardo is a Procurement Manager and one of the recipients of Sodexo’s President’s Awards, an annual recognition of individuals who exemplified the organization’s core values of Team Spirit, Service Spirit, and Spirit of Progress.

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    Looking back on the past five years, starting out as Sodexo’s Procurement Supervisor assigned to a medical hospital in Makati, I can say with conviction that it broadly encapsulated the expression, ‘There is opportunity in every challenge!’

    The pandemic had unleashed immense challenges that required each one of us to step up boldly and resolutely to navigate turbulent times while staying focused on the day to day responsibilities to our clients, as well as to our fellow colleagues. Amid the pandemic, our Head of Supply moved to a new company and the management promoted me as Procurement Manager – a responsibility that I had to perform against the backdrop of work-from-home regime that was in force at the time.  

    Although overwhelmed by the new responsibility, I wholeheartedly embraced it as a welcome challenge as well as an opportunity to prove myself capable of delivering to the high standards expected from the senior management.

    Three years on from that momentous event, I am delighted to say that the promotion was a blessing. It motivated me to reorient myself to the new responsibilities and to ensure that our clients and vendors received the service levels they deserved.

    My journey with Sodexo has really been fantastic with all countless opportunities since the day I joined. Sodexo provides an inclusive environment that makes me feel truly at home. The camaraderie and teamwork that I share with various job families makes me feel part of an extended family in Sodexo. Working with Sodexo is not just a job. It gives me a greater purpose in life, in turn spurring me to give my best to create a better every day for the people I serve and work with.

    Now, as I complete five years of fruitful services at Sodexo, I am humbled by the company’s recognition for all my hard work and contributions. I am thrilled to be a recipient of the President’s Award at Sodexo’s 9th Anniversary. I share this recognition with the rest of the Sodexo job families and vendors. I believe that without their collaboration and teamwork, this award would not have been possible.

    The President’s Award is testament to the organization’s commitment to providing career growth opportunities to employees who exemplify the company’s core values: Team Spirit, Service Spirit; and Spirit of Progress.  Indeed, I feel privileged to have been conferred this prestigious honour.


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