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Employees banding together for a good cause

May 30, 2019

Throngs of employee volunteers, not in their usual corporate garb, doing various tasks like scrubbing floors, cooking for children, painting window grills, and fixing some broken chairs over the summer is not an unusual sight for Sodexo On-site Services. Employees volunteering for Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Servathon began since the company started its operations in the Philippines in 2013.

Sodexo report: Decoding Gen Z for an effective workplace

September 24, 2018

Based on the recent workplace trends released by Sodexo, Gen Zers will represent nearly 1 in 3 workers by 2025. Considering their total immersion in social media and smart technology while returning to some of the values often associated with more traditional generations, are Gen Zers considered “more employable” compared to Millennials?

Sodexo Recognized as Best Employer in the Philippines for 2018

August 31, 2018

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines (Sodexo BRS), one of the leading service voucher companies in the country, has again been recognized as the Best Employer in the Philippines for 2018 by the AON Best Employer Program. This is the second time Sodexo has received the award since it’s last Employee Engagement Survey in 2016.

Sodexo reveals the 2018 trends shaping the future of the workplace

April 26, 2018

New report from Sodexo shows highlights the most critical factors affecting the future of work and demonstrates how an improved workplace experience is key to increasing companies’ performance and leads ultimately to better employee engagement.

Sodexo On-site Services: Quality of Life above all

March 27, 2018

Sodexo, being the global leader in Quality of Life (QoL) services, established its name in the Philippines by continuously delivering positive impacts on all of their clients and consumers nationwide. More than its success in the field of Benefits and Rewards Services with its gift cheques and marketing solutions, Sodexo also leads in offering On-Site Services in the country since 2013.


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