Patient specific foodservices

Patient specific foodservices

Nutritious, tasty, clinically adapted meals are critical for faster and better patient recovery.

One of the best ways to facilitate a patient’s treatment and increase satisfaction is through proper nutrition.  Our team takes great care in preparing nutritionally balanced meals to increase satisfaction and encourage an optimised healing environment. Using proven guidelines, we take a leadership role in providing healthful and compliant diets and counselling for patients. These guidelines include assessment standards and disease-specific information.

Sodexo is a strategic partner to many healthcare organisations, providing a wide range of services. Our service is designed to create a positive mealtime experience for all - patients, staff, and visitors. We ensure the high quality and freshness of ingredients we use in all our food. Stringent measures are taken to ensure that all processes and procedures are followed to ensure a high level of hygiene in all steps of food preparation up to the finished product. 

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Reception and immediate support

When patients arrive at the hospital, immediate support and guidance are required in order to limit stress.

Safe and comfortable environment

Patient's experience is highly influenced by the general aspect of the hospital and the friendliness of its team members.


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