SheWorks represents an opportunity to create a Better Tomorrow by fostering inclusion in local communities. Since its inception in the Philippines, it has engaged young talented women, and opened new job and career opportunities, making them economically independent. 

Launched in 2019, the programme offers women the chance to learn about Sodexo’s business and receive advice which will help them progress with their career. Participants include women who want to enter industries where they are traditionally under-represented, women who are seeking independence through economic opportunity, or women with disabilities that want to learn about the company and become financially independent.

Sodexo has collaborated with Life Project for Your (LP4Y) as well as local women in the community to offer job shadowing to widen up the opportunities and networking across different business functions which will include working at Sodexo’s Head Office and on sites. Participants who have successfully completed the six months apprenticeships have already been qualified to take up roles in the organization.

In the photo: Country President, Paul Debaprateem (extreme left) and Maria Krisanta “Mak” Zara. (extreme right) together with SheWorks participants and mentors at SheWorks graduation ceremony held at Sodexo Head Office in Makati City.


At Sodexo, we acknowledge the importance of creating an inclusive culture. SheWorks provides a valuable opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to gender balance and encourage more women to realize their potential and become productive citizens. It has helped them in their transformation into economic independence while positively impacting their local communities.

Maria Krisanta Zara
HR Director | SheWorks Ambassador



We embrace and create a culture of inclusivity which allows us to become competitive with a workforce enriched with diverse talent, background, experience and capability all working together to deliver quality of life services to our customers. Through this initiative, Sodexo Philippines targets a gender composition of 30% women and 70% men by 2025. At present, women comprise 26% of our total workforce; 47% of them are taking up leadership role in the organization.



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