SheWorks Program empowers women from marginalized sectors of society

Women from the marginalized sectors of society now have a chance to advance their careers and earn livelihood for themselves and their families, thanks to Sodexo’s SheWorks Program.

Launched in 2019, Sodexo has partnered with Life Project for Your (LP4Y) to provide women with resources, training and financial support, equipping them with the proper tools to improve their social, economic and political status.

SheWorks provides women with a six-month professional skills training to help young women become financially independent and to open up employment opportunities. Participants who have successfully completed the six-month apprenticeships have already been qualified to take up roles at Sodexo.

SheWorks also gives young women a chance to earn for the needs of their families and to have a positive impact on their respective communities.

SheWorks graduates tell their stories:

Jocelyn Monares, 24, was among those who benefited from the SheWorks program, undergoing a nine-month training at LP4Y Center on English and computer literacy in Tondo, Manila. Despite completing just one year in college, Jocelyn Monares now works with one of Sodexo’s clients as a cashier.

 The support and encouragement that Sodexo colleagues have given me are instrumental in my personal and professional growth. The mentoring process that I've experienced in Sodexo is valuable.  I'm very grateful that I've become part of  Sodexo teams after my training."

Angelica Quejada, 24, used to think that she would have less employment opportunities, due to her educational attainment as a Senior High School graduate. She now works as counter staff for Sodexo’s food client.

When I started working with Sodexo, my personal views changed. Having a job makes me feel independent. I am able to support my family and, in the process, I get to experience the kind of life which I was once deprived of. Now I see more growth opportunities while working with Sodexo teams."

Marissa Tandog, for her part, overcame her shyness following a one-year stint at LP4Y in Payatas, Quezon City where she learned entrepreneurial training, computer skills, and speaking the English language.

I am grateful that LP4Y provides Basic Computer Skills training, Communication skills and financial skills trainings. What I liked most in my journey with Sodexo is the support I got from colleagues, and the activities I joined in. I feel that I belong to a team that supports my growth and inspires me to come to work every day.  

I was very shy when I started working with the Sodexo team but eventually, I learned to overcome my timidity because I never felt any discrimination while working with the team. "

Apple Cajipe, 24, who managed to complete just 2 years in college, was among those who received valuable training from the SheWorks program and LP4Y as an OJT in Sodexo’s Accounting Department.


In my stay with Sodexo, I learned the importance of safety in everything I do, the value of inclusion and giving back to the community. It also helped me see the importance of teamwork, camaraderie and service. I couldn't be more grateful for Sodexo and LP4Y's active collaboration. I wish more women like me will benefit from SheWorks program."

At Sodexo, we focus on inspiring individuals to thrive, become financially independent, and productive citizens, thereby contribute to social and economic development. SheWorks is a testament to our commitment to improving people’s quality of life.

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