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Our positioning in the services industry is original and unique. It is what makes our brand different. In combining the diverse talents of our teams, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions.

Sodexo started its Philippines operations in 2003 with Benefits and Rewards Services followed by On-Site Services in 2013. Sodexo’s presence in the Philippines has delivered a positive impact on all of our clients and consumers nationwide.


Sodexo On-Site Services delivers tailored Integrated Facilities Management solutions in diverse segment industries such as Corporate Services, Health Care, Education, and Energy and Resources. As the strategic partner of all our clients, Sodexo ensures that they are able to focus on core activities by using industry best practices and resources, thus improving the overall Quality of Life in the workplace.

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services caters to corporate clients by offering incentive and motivation programs. The premier product, aptly named the Premium Pass, is the only universal gift voucher in the country. Sodexo's list of merchants includes the biggest retailers, restaurants, service providers, and leisure parks in the country.

Our clients and customers are at the heart of our business, this is why Sodexo Philippines commits to providing Quality of Life Services that improve our client’s performance, development, and progress.


On-Site Services

Sites: 500+
Clients / Consumers: 60,000+
Space Managed: 6 million+ sqm.
Employees: 2,800+

Meals served per month: 630,000+

* As of Jan 2019

Benefits & Rewards Services

Clients: 3,000+
Merchants: 10,000+
Consumers / Beneficiaries: 1.5 million
Employees: 80+

* As of February 2018


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