Training and personal development

The increasingly sophisticated and varied expectations of our clients are constantly evolving, challenging our expertise and know-how. Training is a powerful strategic lever that enables us to respond to today’s needs and anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

Our vision for training is not limited to knowing how to do: we are also interested in knowing how to be, such as in the areas of diversity and sustainable development.


Diversity everywhere

About 24,000 Sodexo employees worldwide have participated in the day-long "Spirit of Inclusion" training which raises awareness of diversity issues.

E-Learning for Sustainable Development

To help operational managers and leaders of 34,000 sites in 80 countries take charge of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan, an innovative e-learning program has been developed in the form of an online 16-minute tutorial, developed in seven languages. Each version includes quizzes, polls and testimonials from colleagues who have implemented innovative initiatives in their countries.

More on the Better Tomorrow Plan


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