Our Approach

Responsible Governance

At every level of our governance, from the Executive Committee to the global community of leaders monitoring the progress of Better Tomorrow 2025, our directors and executives are actively involved. They support and raise awareness about our initiatives and ensure their implementation in all the company's business activities.

Ethics and Responsible Business Practices

Our employees are our greatest asset and personify our values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress. Each of our employees understands and shares our ethical principles.

Our stakeholders relations

Sodexo's success as an employer, a service provider, and a corporate citizen depends on our capacity to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders through numerous social and environmental programs.

Speak Up

Sodexo Speak Up Ethics Line provides Sodexo employees and partners with a confidential way to report activities or behaviors that are contrary to our Code of Conduct. All reports will be carefully reviewed by us.

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