Nutrition, health and wellness

As a global player in foodservices, Sodexo has considerable influence on the eating habits of more than 100 million people around the world. 


Sodexo Philippines aims to educate our clients and consumers in making healthy choices when it comes to eating habits.

To promote health and wellness, we offer solutions by proposing a wholesome, well-balanced diet with reduced intake of fats, sugar, and salt. Our objective is to help improve the lives of those we serve by ensuring that the food we prepare are both delicious and nutritious.


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10 Golden rules


The “10 Golden Rules” are a set of guiding principles focused on nutrition, health and wellness that guide our offers and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors with consumers. They are based on nutritional recommendations and applied according to an in-depth understanding of local nutritional contexts and needs. We are the world’s largest private sector employer of dietitians, who encourage customers to adopt healthy daily eating habits