Sodexo On-site Services: Quality of Life above all

March 27, 2018

Sodexo, being the global leader in Quality of Life (QoL) services, established its name in the Philippines by continuously delivering positive impacts on all of their clients and consumers nationwide. More than its success in the field of Benefits and Rewards Services with its gift cheques and marketing solutions, Sodexo also leads in offering On-Site Services in the country since 2013.

Sodexo On-site Services: Quality of Life above all

In all services that Sodexo offers, they strive to improve the Quality of Life of the consumers whom they serve, as well as their own employees, the people they do business with, and the people in the community where they operate. As such, they perform a wide range of activities to improve the lives of the people around them and create environments where human interactions thrive.  

Its core business is the provision of comprehensive solutions to Integrated Facilities Management needs ranging from reception, maintenance, food services, clinical technology management, among others.

Promoting health through its Food Services

Sodexo is seriously passionate about food. With almost 5,000 dietitians globally, Sodexo is the world’s largest private sector employer of dietitians who encourage customers to adopt healthy daily eating habits.

With thousands of consumers served meals daily, it is important to place greatest care in ensuring that the company’s offer transcends all facets of food services – starting from sourcing quality ingredients from accredited suppliers, to applying stringent food safety standards within the Sodexo HACCP guidelines in all stages of preparation and production, right up to how the food is presented and served. For example, in schools, Sodexo helps children and young adults to be conscious in their food choices at an early age by promoting healthy eating patterns for optimal childhood health and growth. Aside from good nutrition and well-being, Sodexo also believes in the importance of physical activity and provides support for educational efforts in the classroom and cafeteria through targeted, informative signage and organized wellness activities.

In addition to schools, Sodexo also extends culinary services to clients in corporate offices, BPOs, factories, Oil & Gas facilities, and hospitals. All menus are crafted by their chefs and approved by in-house dietitians.

Around the world, Sodexo has a significant influence in the eating habits of millions of people. In the Philippines alone, they provide over 500,000 meals per month. This puts them in a unique position to affect the lives of their consumers.

Helping employees focus through Facilities Management

Armed with multiple skills and trained professionals, Sodexo designs, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more efficient. Through their experience and technical proficiency, long term reduction in maintenance costs is achieved.

In terms of technical maintenance, Sodexo offers critical services and a range of support services that ensure a safe and reliable work environment. Constant monitoring and maintenance are needed to make sure that equipment and facilities are operating safely and efficiently. This expertise is amplified by our global network of over 21,000 technicians worldwide.

All of Sodexo’s staff go through thorough training to ensure that they are well equipped to make the workplace a safe and clean environment for everyone.

On the other hand, Sodexo also provides Medical Technology Management for healthcare segment where they take advantage of their global capabilities. The company manages and maintains medical equipment to optimize equipment performance and cost efficiency.

At present times, Sodexo On-Site Services serves more than 60,000 consumers daily in the Philippines. The diversity of Sodexo’s workforce and the broad range of expertise they have allow them to answer any kind of demand from their clients and consumers.

By 2025, Sodexo strives to be a company that is “Always chosen and rewarded for making everyday a better day” and that their consumers, current and incoming, will find their brand synonymous to Quality of Life.

For more information, contact Sodexo Manila Head Office at +63 (2) 831 2909.

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