Sodexo Teams Worldwide get into "WasteLESS Day"

October 16, 2012

Sodexo has chosen the United Nations World Food Day to be its "WasteLESS Day". On 16 October, Sodexo will rally around its "WasteLESS Day" (a waste reduction day) worldwide to boost efforts to reduce both organic and non-organic waste.

Sodexo Teams Worldwide get into "WasteLESS Day"

WasteLESS Day (110x160)As a company, Sodexo serves over 50 million people a day worldwide and is committed to reducing waste and increasing recovery of materials across its operations. On 16 October, by engaging with its teams, clients and consumers, Sodexo is calling for action during a worldwide day of efforts to reduce waste.

WasteLESS Day’s aim is to increase awareness of the waste reduction challenge at all stages from production to consumption, and in so doing lead to a better allocation of natural resources that also supports those in need. Sodexo is asking its teams across all company operations – On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services, and Personal & Home Services – as well as its clients and consumers, to make and live a ‘pledge’ to help reduce waste.

At Sodexo operations across the world, people will be able to make personal pledges focused on reducing waste. Social media channels, including Facebook, will also provide opportunities for employees, clients and consumers to share pledges and ideas, ensuring broader communication, engagement, and the success of Sodexo’s "WasteLESS Day".

In 2009, Sodexo launched the Better Tomorrow Plan, a global sustainable development roadmap that includes commitments to reduce and recover organic and non-organic waste, and to fight hunger through Sodexo’s STOP Hunger initiative. Faced with the urgent need to waste less food and water, while protecting the environment and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, Sodexo believes that everyone has a part to play in the better distribution of natural resources.

On this day of worldwide effort, Sodexo is calling on its teams and stakeholders to focus on action consistent with its Better Tomorrow Plan commitments:
- To reduce organic and non-organic waste in all the countries where it operates and at clients’ sites and to support initiatives to recover waste by 2015,
- To fight to end hunger and malnutrition worldwide through its STOP Hunger initiative.

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