STOP Hunger Servathon 2012 Results

July 18, 2012

More than 40,000 Sodexo employees from 35 countries on all continents participated in STOP Hunger Servathon 2012.

STOP Hunger Servathon 2012 Results

STOP HungerSodexo employees around the world rallied to participate in this year’s STOP Hunger Servathon, its 16th annual program that invites employees to join forces and fight hunger and malnutrition in their communities. Servathon is Sodexo’s largest program under its global STOP Hunger program.

Sodexo, a world leader in Quality of Life services, announced its most successful Servathon to date, with more than 40,000 employees taking part in hunger relief efforts around the world including volunteering and fundraising. Employee volunteers working in partnership with over 425 non-governmental organizations and associations in 35 countries on six continents participated in more than 900 different hunger relief actions.

Sodexo has thus maintained a long-running commitment to the fight against hunger and malnutrition, which affects nearly one billion people around the world. The flagship Servathon program is organized around the actions of employee volunteers in their local communities, including fundraising, serving of meals and collection of food donations. Through their commitment, Sodexo employees enable those suffering from hunger to receive meals and funds to improve their health and nutritional balance.

Many innovative actions were implemented this year such as: offering courses on preparing healthy, balanced meals; sharing Sodexo’s experience with organizations and associations regarding food safety; and increasing awareness around food waste.

Begun in 1996 at the initiative of Sodexo CEO Michel Landel, STOP Hunger contributes to the fight against hunger and malnutrition through four main areas of action: volunteerism, expertise sharing, food donations and fundraising. STOP Hunger is now deployed in 42 countries around the world in which Sodexo operates.

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