The Best Gift & Reward for Customers and Partners

The Best Gift & Reward for Customers and Partners

Most companies today continue to seek new ways to reward their loyal customers and partners. They often ask:

- How can I attract the right customers and get them to buy often?

- How can I increase my sales during traditionally slow periods?

- How can I motivate my trade channels to launch a new and promising product?


Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services provide access to a wide range of services that help boost company performance. We are trusted by more than 3,000 companies in providing them effective marketing solutions with more cos-effective and hassle-free alternative channels to boost company performance through effective rewards platforms for consumers and partners.

Product Promotion 
Satisfy the needs of your consumers and secure the success of your product promotion campaign while simplifying your life with the right reward that works.

Loyalty Programs 
Build Brand loyalty by offering your consumers a wide range of choice and customizable solutions with ideal rewards that works.

Channel Reward  
Boost motivation of your sales channels and secure the success and growth of your sales by giving the right rewards that works.

Our Solutions

Premium Pass


Considered as the most preferred gift certificate in the Philippines with widest merchant network accepted in more than 10,000 outlets nationwide.


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Gift Pass


Customize your incentive and recognition program and employee benefits that will match your customers' preferences, demographics, location, etc.


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Mobile Pass


Rewarding and Gifting Made Easy! The Sodexo Mobile Pass helps address challenges in delivering flexible mobile rewards for your sales channel, loyalty program and product promotion in the most convenient and efficient way.


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Co-branded Gift Certificates



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Every client is different and every motivation program is unique. We can share with you how some of our solutions help you and your business.


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