Whether in high-risk clinical situations or in public areas of a hospital, applying the right cleaning methodologies, backed up by rigorous staff training is critical.

Ensuring the correct cleaning protocols are adhered to for different environments within a hospital has a direct impact on both recovery rates and levels of cross infection for patients being cared for.

Efficient hospital cleaning services

Sodexo provides cleaning services designed specifically for healthcare environments, all focused on creating safe environments for both patients and staff. From public visiting areas to patient rooms and operating theaters, our cleaning and disinfecting procedures match the most stringent international standards.

Maintaining hygienic linen

Immaculately clean laundry is essential to protect patients from infection as well as the hospital’s reputation as a highly visible aspect of hospital compliance with rigorous hygiene standards. At Sodexo, we are experienced in managing linen rooms and laundries efficiently. Our specialists use innovative techniques to produce an outstanding level of quality while controlling operating costs.

More services

Asset management

We ensure critical medical equipment is always performing at peak efficiency.

24/7 maintenance interventions

Hospitals have to be able to plan for capital improvements instead of reacting to problems.

Landscaping and groundskeeping

The hospital area setting is an important factor in the well-being of patients and their quality of life.


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