Fernando Mendilaharzu - Operational Coordinator Dakar 2015

Interview Dakar - Fernando MendilaharzuCan you tell us about your role and mission in the Dakar Rally 2015? 

I am the Project Manager. This means I have to take care of the preparation during the year and execution of what was planned during the race.


What is the main challenge for you in this 2015 edition?

To keep and improve what was done in the previous editions. Competitors are willing to be surprised every year. What you improve one year it is taken for granted in the following year.


How does Sodexo cope with the environmental challenge?

Our commitment is to reduce waste, specially disposable tableware. This year for example we will start using metal silverware during lunch, that can be washed and used again, as we do during dinners. We have to change our logistic in order to be able to wash them on site.

What do you think will be different in this new edition?

Staying so many days in Iquique due to the rest days will be challenging because it is the first time we will be having two rest days. Normally during the rest days we have to work very much harder because we have everybody for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only ones that do not rest are we!

How would you describe the atmosphere within the Sodexo teams during the rally?

Every member of the team is united to face this big challenge. Service and team spirit is the basis to succeed. And this is shown every minute, every day.

How do you improve the physical environment of the Rally participants?

We have made evolve the service line and the general layout by introducing new rest areas, taking care of the competitors’ new needs. In such a big event, organization is job number one to have a quick and smooth service.

What we do for... the Dakar Rally

Ensuring 24/7 services

Ensuring 24/7 services

During the 15-day race, our teams deliver 24/7 Quality of Life services thanks to our strong logistics expertise in extreme environments.

Fresh and clean clothes in the middle of the desert

Copy of Biocleaning (240x120)

Imagine how dusty your clothes can be at the end of a day of racing through the desert. For the second time on a Dakar Rally, Sodexo took care of the pilots and journalists’ clothing, delivering them fresh and clean in less than 3 hours.