Wilson Barboza - Day Shift Manager

Interview Dakar 2015 - Wilson BarbozaCan you tell us about your precise role for the Dakar Rally 2015?  

I’m the Manager for the day shift, and ensure the process from production to the final delivery of the service, handling whatever comes up that day. I am coordinating a group of 60 people operating all aspects of service to fulfill our value promise to Amaury Sports Organization (ASO). I also coordinate the preparation of the Peruvian and Columbian teams coming to Dakar. 

What is the main challenge for the Sodexo teams in this 2015 edition?

Our biggest challenge every year is going beyond the level service provided in previous editions. The 2014 Dakar was maybe the best so far, so we have our work cut out for us! Integrating menus within the production setup operated by Sodexo central kitchen has been a great challenge. And always fulfilling our principle of quality of daily life through the service.

How does Sodexo cope with the environmental challenge?

Through good use of resources in the production center, and through attention to details that make a difference: appropriate use of water, biodegradable packaging, waste separation, clear policies for using the spaces assigned to our operation, and appropriate disposal of organic and inorganic waste.

What do you think will be different in this new edition?

Our client has upped the ante for the environmental aspects of our operation, and we’re responding with service ideas that help consolidate Sodexo as a leading provider of Quality of Life Services for world-class events. These include a new set up for the service line, self-service and a wider offer of value options for our clients.

How would you describe the atmosphere within the Sodexo teams during the rally?

Definitely a positive atmosphere of service, teamwork, coming together and feeling gratitude for being able to participate in this big adventure. It’s a huge responsibility to represent the Sodexo experience, through our actions every day.

Do you have an anecdote to share with us from a previous edition?

Three years ago in Peru a lunch production truck was stolen, and it was thanks to the team’s abilities and teamwork that we were able to reverse the situation. After it was over, the client acknowledged that we gave the best service in the event that year. It was definitely the best experience of teamwork I’ve ever had, and in such difficult circumstances. The feeling of belonging at the end of the day was a real source of pride for the entire team.

How do you improve the physical environment of the Rally participants?

Despite the tough environment and conditions, I think that with services like the laundry, the bar, and the VIP dining we will be able to improve the environment for them. And our service attitude and equipment make a difference too.

What we do for... the Dakar Rally

Ensuring 24/7 services

Ensuring 24/7 services

During the 15-day race, our teams deliver 24/7 Quality of Life services thanks to our strong logistics expertise in extreme environments.

Fresh and clean clothes in the middle of the desert

Copy of Biocleaning (240x120)

Imagine how dusty your clothes can be at the end of a day of racing through the desert. For the second time on a Dakar Rally, Sodexo took care of the pilots and journalists’ clothing, delivering them fresh and clean in less than 3 hours.