Environmental management services

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When selecting a business partner, companies today are looking beyond just energy management for their buildings. Sustainability issues have become an increasingly important factor too.  For businesses and organisations, waste efficiency and corporate responsibly matter more than ever before. We help clients with waste and environmental management solutions designed with sustainability in mind.

Find out about our Waste and Energy Management Services ranging from identifying waste hotspots and minimising post-consumer waste to setting up recycling programmes and motivating employees to action.


Our choice of tools

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To deliver on sustainability targets, we are stringent with our processes and procurement. We are thoughtful when choosing equipment and supplies including cleaning products, office equipment, and technical maintenance products. Plus, we have minimized single-use plastics on all our client sites. 


Our choice of vendors

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Our strict policy means that we check, double-check and triple-check all our suppliers to make sure they meet satisfactory environmental and labour conditions. The vendors we work with need to verify these standards, sometimes by independent third parties before they become a Sodexo partner. 

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Did you know

Sodexo has pledged to use only sustainable products globally by 2020 and to cut carbon emissions by 34% by 2025. 

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