Contact & Investor relations policy

To respond more effectively to the expectations of individual and institutional shareholders, Sodexo is continuously improving its investor relations programs by developing new information channels and organizing regular meetings with shareholders.

Group's investor relations policy is based on 4 core principles

Equal treatment

All financial press releases are issued simultaneously in real time to all our stakeholders, in both French and English.

Regular reporting

The financial community is notified of the financial information timetable a year in advance, and updates are posted on


Live webcasts of the General Shareholders' Meeting and annual earnings presentations are broadcast via live webcast and maintained on the website. Releases of interim earnings and quarterly revenue figures (first and third quarter) are accompanied by conference calls to give the financial community rapid access to the information and an opportunity to question senior management about performance. These conference calls are simultaneously broadcast over the internet as an “audio webcast” and are maintained on Sodexo's website. 


A broad range of corporate information, including the by-laws, Registration Document, Annual Report, Half Year Report, press releases, the Group Presentation and share price trends, is available on this website.

Sodexo also offers the financial community a comprehensive package of dedicated, interactive communication channels. Financial press releases are issued via print media and email in France and around the world.

How to obtain information

By e-mail:

By phone or fax: +33 (0) 1 57 75 80 54

By mail
Sodexo, Investor Relations
255, quai de la Bataille de Stalingrad,
92866 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9

Contact us

Contact the Investor Relations by email

Or call +33 (0)1 57 75 80 56 (Virginia Jeanson)

2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Shareholder's meeting

Sodexo Annual Shareholders' Meeting was held on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 in Paris.