Employee Benefits

Sodexo's Employee Benefits respond to the issue of company compensation policies, helping clients enhance their appeal and improving organizational efficiency.

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Attracting, retaining and increasing the engagement of employees while improving their quality of life

In a highly competitive environment, the ability to attract and retain talented people is essential for every public and private organization, regardless of size or market. Knowing how to motivate employees can provide companies with a true competitive edge. Sodexo offers businesses tailored, integrated solutions that bring both economic and tax benefits to help them optimize their compensation policy and enhance their appeal.

The Meal Pass ensures a varied diet, the Sport Pass encourages physical exercise, and the Mobility Pass helps with the cost of commuting: Sodexo services improve employees' quality of life on a daily basis, giving them the peace of mind needed to focus on the job.

These services have a direct impact on employee engagement and boost the performance of companies and organizations, by encouraging healthier lifestyles, improving work-life balance, and promoting personal development and social interaction.


Benefits & Rewards - Culture Pass Brazil

Culture Pass

In Brazil, our Culture Pass allows companies to help their employees make the most of the latest exhibitions, concerts and movies.

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Incentive and Recognition Programs

Motivating employees and recognizing their efforts.

Expense Management

Optimizing and simplifying business expenses.

Public Benefits

Ensuring and enhancing the distribution and allocation of government assistance.

Gift Cards

Simplifying the pleasure of giving and receiving.

Benefits & Rewards Services

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How Quality of Life boosts the performance of SMEs

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from a range of business outcomes as a direct result of investing in Quality of Life.