Gift Cards

Building on its recognized expertise in designing and implementing corporate gift programs, Sodexo developed two gift concepts for consumers, Gift Cards and Boxes, which offer a combination of simplicity and freedom of choice to ensure there is something for everyone.

Sodexo gift card

Simplifying the pleasure of giving and receiving

Sodexo offers a range of personalized solutions to meet the expectations of consumers looking for gift offers tailored to their preferences:

Our multi-themed gift cards are accepted by a wide array of partner brands. Household goods, sports, fashion, beauty, food, culture, travel... Recipients will be spoiled for choice. For those wishing to offer a gift on behalf of a number of givers, organizational details are no longer a worry: the "Carte Commun" gift card is a new concept that makes it possible to collect up to €2,500 by inviting people to contribute online.

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Benefits & Rewards - Gift PassAn online gift solution for Filipino expats

A new online gifting platform lets Filipino expatriates around the world  easily send gift vouchers to family members at home.

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from a range of business outcomes as a direct result of investing in Quality of Life.