Incentive and Recognition Programs

Sodexo services make it easy for organizations to effectively manage their Incentive and Recognition programs to boost sales, manage a partner network, acknowledge employee loyalty and achievements, and reward their efforts.

Employee being recognized

Motivating employees and acknowledging their efforts

Being recognized for their hard work and being rewarded for their efforts or achievements is one of the prime motivating factors for employees. Rewards increase employee engagement and have a broader positive impact on improving the company's overall performance.

To ensure that employees feel truly recognized as individuals, rewards must be appropriate and customized. Through its ability to understand and track the expectations of employees and consumers, Sodexo is able to offer seamless, tailored solutions that enable companies to unify their teams around common goals and reward everyone's efforts, whatever the culture or population.


benefits-rewards-Gift-Pass-Indonesia_150.jpg (image description)Innovative solutions to thank customers and boost sales

In Indonesia, shoppers who buy Samsung products receive a Sodexo Gift Pass. The passes can be redeemed for anything from luxury goods to groceries at some 12,900 outlets operated by 269 partner retailers throughout the country, enhancing and extending the buyer's positive experience with Samsung. The program also boosts sales volumes by rewarding staff for each product sold. The initiative builds on Sodexo's long-term partnership with Samsung, which dates back to 2011.

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Employee Benefits

Attracting, retaining and engaging employees.

Expense Management

Optimizing and simplifying business expenses.

Public Benefits

Ensuring and enhancing the distribution and allocation of government assistance.

Gift Cards

Simplifying the pleasure of giving and receiving.

Benefits & Rewards Services

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How Quality of Life boosts the performance of SMEs

SMEs Performance Infographic

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from a range of business outcomes as a direct result of investing in Quality of Life.