On-site Services

Sodexo's comprehensive, integrated solutions cover a wide range of services from construction to reception, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning, foodservices and prisoner rehabilitation. Our On-site Services are available in seven client segments:


People perform better in a pleasant working environment. Sodexo designs, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more efficient.


Everywhere in the world, governments and agencies are seeking solutions for greater efficiency while reducing costs. With this goal in mind, Sodexo designs, builds and provides services to prevent re-offending and encourage inmate rehabilitation. We also provide logistical support to the armed forces so that they can focus on their core activity.


Sodexo teams around the world help our clients provide the best possible health care experience to their patients. Our customized solutions are specifically geared to improving the satisfaction of patients and their families and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients.



Increasing life expectancy has made senior care a priority issue for society. Sodexo provides a range of services that create uplifting environments that help Seniors age well and live their lives to the fullest. These services help our clients achieve their goals as we work together to meet Seniors’ changing needs today and in the future.


At Sodexo, we know that enhancing the quality of life on the university campus is crucial. Ensuring students' well being is an essential factor in academic achievement, which will lead to professional success later on. It also helps boost the reputation of educational institutions to attract and retain top faculty.


To help schools achieve their academic aspirations, Sodexo fosters a healthy lifestyle and creates living and learning environments that are conducive to success for students.

Energy & Resources

Every day on remote sites around the world, Sodexo teams provide support for people who find themselves living and working under extreme conditions, facing isolation, overcrowding, hostile weather and more.

Sports & Leisure

Sodexo is proud of its track record in managing public and private events, ranging from international sports championships to high-powered business meetings. Its logistic, technical and artistic capabilities also contribute to the success of prestigious sites worldwide.


In 2018, for the 8th year in a row, Sodexo was among the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies.

FM is crutial to improving Quality of Life

Facilities Management Services & Quality of Life

According to a research from Sodexo and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), FM has a significant impact on improving quality of life in the workplace. The survey reveals how FM is increasingly becoming a strategic management discipline crucial in helping increase organizations’ productivity and people’s wellbeing.


Integrated Facilities Management Services

Technical expertise
Having everyday contact with our clients give us unique insights into issues and challenges they face. Building on a heritage of delivering technical maintenance services, Sodexo today has grown into a supplier of choice for a wide palette of sophisticated Asset Management and Engineering services.

Our Physical Wellness Offers

Health wellness
To cope with the stress of modern living, rising healthcare costs, the growing trend towards more corporate responsibility, Sodexo offers a wide range of Wellness programs that contribute to increase people’s performance by enhancing their well-being.