Helping Seniors live their best lives today and every day.

Sodexo provides a range of services that create uplifting environments that help Seniors age well and live their lives to the fullest. These services help our clients achieve their goals as we work together to meet Seniors’ changing needs today and in the future.

With a caring spirit and a passion for service, Sodexo’s employees deliver exceptional experiences that inspire smiles with every interaction. They are backed by Sodexo’s deep understanding of seniors’ needs, and localized expertise that is continually refined through our global network.


Quality of Life in action

At Sodexo, we consider Quality of Life to be a key and yet largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance. Discover our articles, case studies, expert interviews and testimonials to get the latest news and trends on this topic.

Jane Fonda: Aging Not as Pathology but as PotentialAging Not as Pathology but as Potential

Jane Fonda, actress, writer and political activist noted, we are brought up with the image of aging as an arch: “You’re born, you peak at midlife and then decline into decrepitude.” Fonda’s research gave her a better metaphor: that of age as a staircase.
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So Much More to Life on the Other Side of the HillSo Much More to Life on the Other Side of the Hill

Seniors’ quality of life improves when they actively design their lives. Wellness, independence, technology and connectedness all play a role in helping seniors live their best lives – for their whole lives.
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Innovation, Technology and SeniorhoodInnovation, Technology and Seniorhood

At Sodexo’s Quality of Life Conference, some 40 innovative companies presented ingenious solutions for radically improving life during its three key stages: youth, adulthood and seniorhood.
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How and Why the Five Senses Matter for Quality of Life


Sodexo and our Institute for Quality of Life partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of seniors’ sensory impairments.

Key figures Seniors

1,064 million euro in revenues

5% of Group revenues

3.8% of Group employees in the Seniors segment

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017