Ross Ryan Torio

Published on : 4/17/23
  • Employees are at the heart of our business, and Sodexo is providing them with the right support to reduce stress and burnout. As society and work continue to change at a rapid pace, physical health, and wellness become more critical to remain resilient and able to meet the challenges of each day.

    Ross Taylor

    Being healthy and mentally well are important to long-term success and productivity. Ross Torio, Head of Finance and a fitness enthusiast shares his story:

    “When I was a kid, I was very skinny because of chronic asthma. And because of that, I often received derogatory remarks about my body and how I looked — “tingting, payatot, nognog”, (skinny, dark) among others.

    Growing up, such words seriously affected my self-confidence. So, when I became financially independent, I invested in myself and embarked on my fitness journey.

    I joined Sodexo in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic. I have already been working out since I joined the company. Thanks to Sodexo’s health and wellness program, I became more motivated to look after my health and well-being.

    Aside from the fitness motivation, Sodexo also looks after my mental health thru “Sodexo Supports Me”. It’s a 24/7 helpline that supports not only myself but also my immediate family members during challenging times. Working with Sodexo has indeed inspired me to be the best version of myself”.

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