Sodexo report: Decoding Gen Z for an effective workplace

September 24, 2018

Based on the recent workplace trends released by Sodexo, Gen Zers will represent nearly 1 in 3 workers by 2025. Considering their total immersion in social media and smart technology while returning to some of the values often associated with more traditional generations, are Gen Zers considered “more employable” compared to Millennials?

Gen Zers

As different studies continue to decode what sets Generation Z apart from previous groups, 2017 already marked the first full year with Gen Zers in the workforce. If you were born between 1995 and 2012, then you are part of this cohort.

Mak Zara, HR Manager of Sodexo On-site Services Philippines, Inc., said that Gen Zers are now starting to change up team dynamics through fostering a vibrant multi-generational mix in the company. This is strongly motivated by the fact that Gen Zers and Millennials are now close to 70% of its 2800-strong workforce.

By understanding deeper the motivators and values of this generation, there is an opportunity to look to the future for workplaces.

Smart Tech is the new future

In a research carried out by leading generational demographer Claire Madden, Smart tech appears to be a “necessity” for Gen Zers. They tend to refuse to accept anything less than a fast network and a functional place. Employers might want to consider upgrading their equipment and WiFi, to say the least, as it is part of the factors that Gen Zers consider in accepting a job offer.

Work life blend is the new lifestyle

Having work life balance is one of the factors that previous generations look out for when finding a future employer, but in Gen Zers case, the ability to switch in and out of multiple tasks without putting their work and life in separate zones can keep stress levels down. In Dave Stillman’s point of view, generational expert, these type of traits give Gen Zers more flexibility to create satisfactory work-life blend instead of seeking for an equal balance.

Health consciousness is the new norm

Gen Zers firmly believe that staying healthy will be paramount to their Quality of Life and to their long-term success. Almost three-quarters of Gen Z are willing to pay more for products and services that come from ethical brands because they have a better understanding than previous generations of the link between nutrition and health.

Career development is Gen Zers ultimate goal

Being irrelevant and being stuck are observed to be this cohort’s deep fear. As much as possible, Gen Zers seek out many different experiences and explore multiple roles in order to satisfy their hunger for career development. Employers nowadays also need to respect the “side hustle” of Gen Zers – whether it’s blogging, freelancing or creating YouTube content. For Gen Z, they believe that they can earn through their passion and it can happen anywhere, especially with the help of Smart technology.

“Experiential, cross functional trainings here and outside the country are part of our development program. This promotes learning new skills and exploring multiple roles. For Gen Zers who are focused on career progression, this is essential,” adds Zara.

To sum it up, Gen Zers are life stage adaptors not afraid of transition and transformation. They seek an environment where they can innovate and grow within the organization.

In Sodexo, its thrust is to attract, retain, and develop a high performing workforce through an inclusive culture. “Being continuously sensitive to the strengths, aspirations and needs of this generation is a priority as they will become the backbone of the company’s labour market,” Zara concludes.

Sodexo is committed to help clients prepare their workplaces for the next generation of talents, with solutions ranging from experience design to tailored engagement programs.


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