Sodexo Philippines aims to unlock new value for our customers via our automation capabilities. Automation to us is the application of technology that can help us cater our services more efficiently, with greater transparency and reporting possibilities.


With Wando dashboards, we hope to empower workplace transformation and give your management the information they need to make faster, better decisions.

Key Features of Wando:

Greater Focus and Collaboration
Excellence in Operations
Feedback and ongoing development
Single-screen 360° view
Cut back on administrative work
Making wise decisions


Web-based D365 is accessible from any location with an internet connection. All users must have a Sodexo email account in order to access the system, which uses Single Sign-On. D635 ensures a collective approach of CRM+ERP.


Sodexo has partnered with IBM Maximo that allows site teams to complete work orders in a methodical manner. Businesses are able to monitor and manage the whole lifetime of their corporate assets, including infrastructure, production, communications, transportation, buildings, and more, from a single system. It covers:

There are various added benefits that come with this partnership:

Command Center

A Command Center is a centralized location or a virtual network in a country that enables integrated systems, tools, and standard processes to manage, coordinate, and offer administrative support to Sodexo and other parties that achieve both scheduled and responsive activities on client sites.

Services by Command Center:

Automated Services allow customers to have a hassle-free experience. The ease of instant payments and going cashless cuts down the lengthy procedures of the payment process.

Our service delivery solution's central command centers are responsible for providing the following:

Resource Efficiency: Employing a dependable system to maximize the advantages of the information flowing through the Command Center and activate scale.

Cost-effectiveness: Balancing the requirement for close customer relationships with cost-effectiveness

Performance: Due to improved communication across service lines, our "One Team" strategy and predominantly self-delivery model will ensure greater response. With the appropriate skills, toolkits, training, and environments, this paradigm makes use of centralized, shared resources in lower-cost settings.

Grab, Scan and Go:

The facility of grab, scan and go makes the entire process of payment easy. It increases the convenience for the customers. Therefore, leading to enhanced customer experience.

Cashless POS: In this digital era, more and more people are shifting to the cashless payment methods. The grab, scan and go facility helps in maintaining proper documentation for every transaction. This ensures safety and security of the finance.

Online Surveys: In any industry, getting feedback from the customers is very crucial as it gives a chance to improve. This enhancement leads to end user satisfaction.


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