It is undoubtedly beneficial for business to have soft facilities management, which takes care of all of your facility demands. You can establish regular service levels with its aid. You should respond proactively to potential interruptions and develop international best practices at reasonable costs. Additionally, Sodexo offers you a special fusion of local knowledge and international expertise.

Soft Facilities Management Services


You have the right to operate in a tidy and secure environment, whether you're in an office or on a far-off oil platform. Sodexo provides the highest standards of hygiene across a range of services, including cleaning and janitorial work, laboratory cleaning, and equipment sterilization.

Reception Facilities

Your reception should be a thriving hub that provides guidance, assistance, and customer support. Call Centres, visitor and parking lot management, conference room management, and help desks are some of our front-of-house services.

Workplace Solutions

Sodexo’s workplace solutions offer calendar entries for meetings, conferences, and team-building exercises should all be taken seriously. Finding the correct support group can be really beneficial. a group that can assist you in finding the ideal location and organizing every aspect.

Well-Being Services

Fitness and wellness among employees go beyond being "a nice extra." It is the secret to a successful, driven workforce. Encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Give them access to fitness centers. The smallest acts of kindness, such as treadmill desks and office fitness areas, can significantly improve someone's day.

Landscaping & Gardening

Initial impressions matter. Landscapes and grounds that are well-kept present your company in its finest light. The upkeep of sports fields, water features, arboriculture, and indoor and outdoor landscaping are some of Sodexo's specialties.

Waste Management

Are you handling your waste in an eco-friendly manner? Do your waste management strategies achieve your goals? Can food waste be avoided proactively and methodically? You can get some guidance from us. We can provide a solution that covers all waste streams through a single point of contact in addition to using as little water and energy as possible while providing our services.

Pest Control

Our professionals know and are aware of how to get the job done, whether it's keeping your property immaculate or maintaining clean, unpolluted air. Our cutting-edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system at the International School of Beijing includes complex heat recovery technologies to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the campus and water supply systems.

Courier Services

Want to increase the effectiveness of your courier service? Simplify it. Sodexo helps you get your commodities in distribution and your things out operating together.

Vendor Management

Sodexo strongly believes that what you demand is our command and thus we also act as a mediator to fulfill your needs. We outsource management services and serve our customers with the best services.

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