Plant based food is not a trend, but a lifestyle choice!

Celebrating Sustainability with Plant-Based Menus

Health, wellness, and environmental sustainability are increasingly front and centre of workspace conversations. Consumers are now opting for food choices that align with their values – ethical, philosophical, or environmental.

Increasing popularity of plant-based and plant-forward food options is indicative of consumers making conscious choices for a better tomorrow. 

We are excited to launch plant-based recipes in our menus as part of our commitment towards Better Tomorrow 2025.

Food Choices for all

We know there is a wide range of consumers - Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexitarians and Consumers with mainstream appetites.
With our creative recipes and unique ingredients, we are making plant-based eating easier—and more delicious—than ever before.


Innovating, everyday!

Sodexo is all set to meet the growing plant-based demand with innovative ideas, culinary expertise and robust partnerships with vendors, suppliers and industry leaders.  

We are partnering with Nestle and Unilever to bring customized recipes to meet your local and international food choices.

Our Philosophy

At Sodexo, we believe doing good by the planet can and should taste good too! So, we continually develop appealing new recipes that make choosing plant-based meals simple, satisfying and accessible — whether you are new to plant-based eating or a long-time fan.  

Globally, we are committed to 33% plant-based planned menus by 2025, which will give our guests greater access to delicious, sustainable meals that have a lower impact on carbon emissions.

It all starts with the everyday. Small choices we make every day really do matter, like trying plant-based milk with your cereal or opting for a tasty black bean burrito at lunch instead of a meat option. These small actions fuel our hope and empower us to do more.  

Why not start today? 

Learn about plant-based menu with celebrity Chef Bruce Lim.


Ambassador Chef Bruce Lim

To amplify our vision, Sodexo Philippines has sought out chefs whose work and passions align with ours. One of them is Filipino-Chinese Chef Bruce Lim, known for his various restaurant concepts and TV projects. San Francisco-born and raised, he sharpened his knives at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in London, taking up Superior Level of Cuisine and Pastry. His specialty spans traditional French and Italian cuisines, as well as Euro- Asian fusion.


Since then, he’s worked at renowned institutions within the F&B world, including the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, California, and Century Park Sheraton Hotel in Manila. He’s also been the host of a number of TV shows, namely Tablescapes and The Boss on the Asian Food Channel and was the 2019 30th SEA Games Executive Chef. Currently, he focuses on consultancy for various food companies.

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