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Five key behaviors to strengthen patient experience in hospitals

Published on : 7/1/21
  • Providing the right training for support teams in a hospital or senior care community can make or break the patient experience. That’s why we’ve developed CARES training to support and encourage the behaviors that matter in our colleagues. Everyone in a care setting has the power to impact the experiences that improve a patient’s quality of life.

    CARES is a behavioral training program for all our employees working in healthcare and senior care communities. The training program consists of six learning modules, each based on the five topics in the CARES acronym; Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Enthusiasm and Service plus one introductory module. The 18-month program is delivered in small, cross functional groups. Each module is designed using real-life scenarios with case studies and role play as well as patient comments. The program covers topics as diverse as dementia awareness, respect and dignity, diversity and inclusion, patient choice and teamwork. 

    “CARES training, in combination with our science-based services, creates a new level of measurable results. We see patient and resident satisfaction go up and the clinical teams report better patient outcomes.”  Marc Plumart, Global CEO Healthcare & Seniors, Sodexo

    The program is key to creating a holistic culture of care amongst our teams around the world, ensuring every individual has a deeper and empathetic understanding of a patient’s needs. 

    We know our employees feel proud to support clinical teams around the world to improve patient’s lives each day, and we feel equally proud of our exceptional colleagues who go above and beyond to support patients. Here are a few examples of colleagues around the world who have been celebrated for their commitment to improving patient lives:

    CARES Works

    Improving the hospital experience for patients

    Armelle Cathot, a site manager who has worked for Sodexo in France for 32 years, talks about why she works in the health care field: “What I like most about my job is contributing to the well-being of my patients.  From a young age, I have always been drawn to work in the hospital environment because patient well-being is a cause close to my heart. I quickly realized the quality of a patient’s hospital stay was a determining factor in their image of the hospital and of Sodexo. I visit each of my patients before they leave. Taking the time to listen to them and discuss their meals, the cleanliness of their room and the welcome they received helps me provide better service and address any issues that arise in a timely manner.” 

    Delivering care wherever people are

    Michael Hollsten joined Sodexo, Sweden twenty years ago as a truck driver. Today he is a Transportation Manager and responsible for nearly 100 vehicles and 80 drivers from all over the country. Michael’s team delivers 5.5 million meals a year making sure patients and seniors receive delicious and nutritious meals. He’s also responsible for keeping patients comfortable at home and bringing care to them by delivering equipment including wheelchairs, hospital beds, and canes to their homes. 

    “He is committed to providing a high level of service. He takes responsibility and you can always trust that what he undertakes will get done.” Mikael Windah (Michael’s colleague)

    Serving with compassion: each patient is like family 

    Jeraldine OrtegaJeraldine Ortega piloted a program called Touch Points at HCA Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, USA. Through this program Jerri would personally deliver all aspects of meal service, from taking the initial order to delivering the meal and checking in with the patient afterwards. She built up positive connections with many patients through this program. 

    One patient in particular, Mr. G, really appreciated her attention to detail with his meals. Over the course of several weeks and months, Mr. G was re-admitted to the hospital multiple times. Mr. G went through several surgeries and procedures and, at times, was unable to eat. Jerri still visited him on a regular basis. One of Mr. G’s nurses noticed how Jerri’s presence lit up the room and shifted Mr. G’s demeanor to hopeful and happy from fearful of his diagnosis. Mr. G said that Jerri makes his day every time she visits by treating him like family.  

    Adding value: Reacting quickly and calmly in a critical situation

    Will NockOn November 16, 2020, porter William Nock heard a patient fall while they were being transported in a lift at Royal Stoke University Hospital, England, and sprang into action to provide help. William alerted hospital colleagues to raise a crash call, collected equipment to transport the patient and called on his colleague, fellow porter Liam Ecclestone, to bring specialist lifting equipment.

    Their actions ensured the patient received the best quality care before clinical staff could restore the patient’s heartbeat. William and Liam’s actions undoubtedly provided a family with more time to spend with their loved one. Learn more

    Prioritizing clinical staff and patients in a pandemic

    Sodexo Hospital Team

    One of our client’s hospitals in Mumbai, India was the first healthcare site in the country to be locked down due to Covid-19 when very little was known about the implications of the virus. 

    All members of the Sodexo team on site were given the choice to leave and return to their families or to stay at the hospital and provide food services for clinical staff and patients, knowing they would be unable to leave. The team unanimously decided to stay at the hospital to ensure uninterrupted service and, despite difficulties encountered on the way, succeeded in providing nutritious and tasty meals to patients and staff every day.

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